Steven Heath Music


Please read the following terms and conditions carefully, by paying your deposit and completing the booking process you are agreeing to the terms below. You have the right to cancel your booking up to 7 days after confirmation


1.1 The booking fee / deposit is payable and will be requested via email. This can be paid using your bank card. Deposits are broken down into two sections, one for an afternoon slot booking and one for an evening slot booking. Each deposit is £150.


A client books a daytime ceremony and drinks reception slot = £150 deposit

A client books an evening slot = £150 deposit

A client books a full day (afternoon and evening) = 2 x £150 deposit = £300

The deposit is non refundable after a 7 days cooling off period.

1.2 The remaining monies are to be paid 7 days before the event. The monies will be requested by email. Please note that final payments cannot be made any earlier than 30 days before the event.

1.3 Fees and overtime: if and when agreeable to the client and the contracted entertainment, the time of engagement may be extended at the overtime rate of £75 per hour to be paid prior to the overtime period. Should overtime be requested on the day of the event, on agreement with the client this will be at a rate of £65 per half hour.


2.1 Cancellation of the engagement by the client any time up to 90 days before the event will not incur any charges. Any cancellation after the 90 day period incurs the following charges.

  1. up to 90 days before the event – 50% of the remaining monies will be owed
  2. up to 60 days before the event – 75% of the remaining monies will be owed
  3. up to 30 days before the event – 100% of the remaining monies will be owed

2.2 Exceptions to these charges – Payment of the balance will not be required if the act obtains a suitable substitute booking elsewhere, or if the cancellation is due to a verifiable death in the immediate family of the client. A client cancelling their engagement by telephone must also verify that cancellation in writing via dated mail.

2.3 Should the client cancel one slot (afternoon or evening) the artist will move them onto an alternate package and the deposit for the cancelled slot will be considered liquidated damages and will not be available to offset against newly booked services.


3.1 Clients are encouraged to use the online customer area to process their event management

3.2. From time to time some clients wish to meet with the artist to get to know them. The artist will assess the feasibility of a physical meet up and act accordingly.

3.3 Otherwise if the client wishes to meet the artist face to face then a Skype or Facetime conversation can be arranged in lieu of phone calls or emails at no extra charge.


4.1 Occasionally some clients wish to arrange a special request for their event. For example, the client may wish to sing a song with the artist. If this requires travel and face to face meeting the client will be charged £25 per hour.


5.1 Steven Heath is committed to working with clients to choose the best music for their day. The method of doing this, whether total control by the client or working with the artist can be discussed pre-event. It is recommended that the way the client approaches choices of songs is done in consultation with the artist so as to get the best out of your service.


6.1 As part of the price of every package the artist will learn 1 song should this be requested. Each additional song will incur a fee of £25 to cover rehearsal time.


7.1 At certain times entertainment is limited by house rules. For example some venues impose decibel limiters on entertainers meaning the volume cannot go above a certain decibel level before it’s cut off. In such circumstances the client(s) agree(s) to accept the technical limitations that may be imposed by the venue. We advise the client(s) to make themselves aware of house rules beforehand.


8.1 If due to death, sudden incapacitating illness, accident or other unforeseeable circumstances and or acts of God, Steven Heath is unable to perform as contracted then Steven Heath agrees to refund payments made by the client less reasonable fees for work already undertaken prior to the event.

8.2 Upon such refund, this contract shall become null and void and the client shall have no further legal recourse against the act. If the act is late starting due to unavoidable detention (traffic, weather etc) the client has the option to add that amount of time to the end of the function at no additional charge or to deduct a pro-rated refund from the balance due to the act at the function.


9.1 The client agrees to provide the artist with soft drinks for a daytime or evening performance

9.2 Should the client book the artist for the full day the client agrees to provide the artist with a meal during the day.


10.1 Each booking includes 50 miles of travel. Additional mileage will be charged at 45p per mile.

10.2 Should a booking be such that a drive home requires the artist to arrive back after 2.30am an automatic charge of £70 will be added to a booking to cover reasonable accommodation costs. Should accommodation cost more than this the client will not be charged an additional fee.