A little about Steven

Steven hails from Middlesbrough in the North East of England but has lived in Yorkshire since he was 18 having moved away to York to study performing arts with a specialism in a Drama.

From a very young age he was interested in singing and playing guitar. When he was 12 his parents bought him a £30 nylon string guitar from Argos. A family friend taught him how to play G, C, Em and D which is the basis for almost all pop songs and he taught himself the rest from a chord chart in the back of his sister’s Songs of Fellowship book she used to play piano as a worship leader at the family church.

Steven has worked in youth work and education teaching music and drama to young people until, after doing a favour for a friend’s wedding in 2011, he embarked on a career in playing at weddings. So popular is his service that in 2019 he was voted the best solo act in the UK in the prestigious The Wedding Industry Awards. He now sits on the judging panel for the solo and band act categories.

Steven is also an experienced and confident public speaker which makes his not just the perfect musician for your wedding but also a host who brings structure, fun and confidence to your day.

Steven now lives in Bradford with his wife Laura who he has been with since they were 14 and their three children, Aimee, Lucie and Ben along with a dog and cat.