You’ll only do this once so make sure you do it right.

Weddings are expensive affairs but I’m constantly shocked that some couples allocate as little as 5% of their budget to entertainment. Surveys of couples consistently show that those who allocated less of their budget to entertainment usually end up wishing they had spent more. See what I can offer below.


Getting a price out of a wedding supplier is like trying to get a yes or no answer from a politician. That’s why I list all my prices so you don’t have to get in touch to ask before I go off on a half hour sales pitch avoiding giving you a price like the plague before finally revealing a price that was never in your budget in the first place. I hate that shit so here it is all laid out for you.

  • Sunny Afternoon
  • Save Tonight
  • DJ and sax shit
Sunny Afternoon


Designed for couples who want live, interactive music in the afternoon of their wedding. This package runs from the ceremony up to the end of speeches and includes

🎤 Ceremony to speeches

🎤 Unlimited communication

🎤 Unplugged ceremony music (civil ceremonies only)

🎤 Unplugged drinks reception music (subject to venue)

🎤 Guest QR code request system during the meal

🎤 Live music as you eat

🎤 Announcements

🎤 Mic for speeches

🎤 Speech hosting

COST: £1250 (£250 deposit)

Save Tonight


Designed for couples who want a live gig feel on the evening of their wedding. Instead of a function band coming and playing the standards, this package is interactive, fun and based on a festival atmosphere.

🎤 First dance to 11pm approx

🎤 2 x 45 minute live sets across the evening

🎤 Full sound and lighting system

🎤 Announcements made for you (cake cutting and stuff)

🎤 First dance sung live

🎤 Playlist before and in between live sets

🎤 Pre-event consultation

🎤 Unlimited communication

🎤 11pm finish (later finishes available in DJ shit)

COST: £1250 (£250 deposit)

DJ and sax shit


Sometimes you might want a DJ, sometimes you might want a playlist up until midnight. I’ve got something for everyone to add on to the evening packages.

🎤 Playlist until midnight. Sound and lighting system provided plus technician to work the equipment. You provide the device – £250

🎤 STANDARD DJ until midnight. Full sound and lighting system with a DJ I have chosen from a pool of associates I work alongside. They will respond to requests and do announcements etc – £350

🎤 PREMIUM DJ until midnight. Full sound and lighting system from my premium DJ associates. – £500

🎤 DELUXE DJ until midnight. These DJs are the creme de la creme. They’ve all got nightclub backgrounds and have worked across the music and wedding industry at the highest levels. – £750

🎤 SAX player. Add a sax to your package during the evening who can work alongside your DJ or one you hire through me. – £350


Only you can answer that question by asking yourself what do you want for your evening. If you’re not bothered about what happens in between live sets then a playlist is usually fine. If you want the dance floor to be full at all times I would recommend discussing having a DJ to respond to guest behaviours. Get in touch if you want to discuss it further.