On this page you will find all the instructions you need to complete your planning for your wedding or event. If you have a question it’s probably answered right here so please take a look around. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then feel free to email me directly on info@stevenheath.co.uk


The following is a list of tasks you’ll need to complete before your wedding day.

  • Download and email your venue the public liability insurance and portable appliance testing certificates
  • Fill in your planning form


Your venue co-ordinator may ask for a public liability insurance certificate and proof of the safety of my electrical items. You can download these below.


These documents are in Google Drive. You can access the link in your planning email.


Use this tool to help you with the planning form you will fill in at the end


How​ ​many​ ​songs​ ​will​ ​we​ ​need​ ​during​ ​the​ ​ceremony?

The only songs I need​ ​are your song for walking up the aisle (the processional) and your song for walking back up the aisle after you’re married (the recessional). Everything else you can leave to me as I know what works. If you do want to choose songs for the section as guests are arriving and during the signing of the register I’ve left a space for you to do that on the form.

We​ ​have​ ​you​ ​booked​ ​for​ ​our​ ​ceremony​ ​but​ ​we​ ​don’t​ ​know​ ​what​ ​songs​ ​to​ ​choose!

The three most common ceremony songs I am asked to play are:

  1. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
  2. Perfect – Ed Sheeran
  3. The One – Kodaline

You can also ask people in our facebook community what songs they chose / are thinking of choosing.


How is the timing of the music split up?

It depends on the timings of your day. A standard set up would be 2 x 45 minute sets. However this may not work for you. I usually go with what is happening on the day and the timings are adaptable based on a number of factors. Sometimes I will play a full 90 minute set, sometimes 3 sets of 30 minutes or another combination. It depends on many factors so is adaptable on the day.

Do you need power?

Ideally yes but my equipment is all battery powered so I don’t necessarily need it.

Where will you stand / sit?

Wherever there is space. My set up is small so I can fit into most spaces. I can also follow your wedding party around if needed. If there are multiple rooms I can go completely acoustic and move from room to room. I can also play outside, you just need to check with your venue if they allow outdoor music.


How​ ​do​ ​we​ ​get​ ​music​ ​to​ ​you​ ​for​ ​the​ ​meal?

One of two ways:
  1. You can create a Spotify playlist and share it with me (I show you how to do this later on this document).
  2. You can give me your own device (iPod, iPhone, iPad or equivalent) that I can plug into my system.

Do you want a meal?

My contract states that I should have a meal but I don’t usually ask for one unless the venue is in a remote location. Ask me beforehand. I appreciate your generosity in feeding me.

How​ ​do​ ​we​ ​use​ ​the​ ​microphone?

I’ll be there to ensure you know how to use the mic before the speeches start. I will usually assign one of your wedding party to be in charge. It’s very easy to work.

Do you provide the wedding meal playlist?

It depends. You have use of my sound system and microphone if you need it. Check with your venue, if they already have a sound system, microphone and playlists then you won’t need to use mine. If not then you can do one of two things:

  1. Create your own Spotify playlist for me to play on my system (I show you how to do this later)
  2. Provide your own device with your own playlist to plug into my system

Will you sing during the meal?

Yes, if that’s what you’d like me to do. If so, then all of the above applies to the meal. I just ask that you decide whether you want me to sing during the meal OR the drinks reception as this gives me a few hours in the day to rest my voice and prepare for the evening.

Do we need to pick songs?

Not really. The drinks reception can be quite a relaxed affair so I usually go with what people are enjoying. Leave it to me, I know what works. You don’t need the hassle of choosing my set list when you have so much else to think about. If you do want to pick songs however, just put them in the form at the end when it asks about particular songs you’d like. That’s OK as long as you leave me the flexibility to play what I think is right on the day.


We have a DJ hired from you. How do we go about picking music?

For couples who have hired another DJ through me, I work with several DJs who all have their own planning systems. The process of choosing your evening music will be slightly different depending which DJ I have hired. We will be in touch to tell you how to move forward with choosing your evening music.

What time will you arrive at the venue?

About an hour before the evening begins.

I don’t use Spotify

That’s OK! There are a couple of options:
  • Ask a friend or family member who does to put a list together and email you the link so you can put it in your form
  • Contact me directly to discuss ways around it.
  • Sign up! It’s free to make playlists and share them.
Don’t worry, there’s always a solution and we will make it work.

What songs should I choose?

Again, it’s up to you. Remember that weddings are diverse affairs so maybe try to choose a little something for everyone. I have a generic playlist which is excellent for giving you ideas. Click this link to see it.

How many songs should I choose?

As many or as few as you want. Some people like to choose all of the songs, some people may like to get suggestions from their guests, some people like to just put a few into the list. Where you only add a few I can fill in the rest from some of the generic playlists I have. A good guide is 25 songs per hour of music to fill. If you have hired my equipment to play music through in the evening you will need around 3 hours of music (assuming you finish at 12am). So 3 x 25 = 75 songs. You can do more, you can do less, it’s up to you.

How do we make a Spotify playlist?

If you have hired my equipment for your meal or the evening I work with Spotify playlists. This allows you to create a playlist and share it with me so I can download it to my computer. Depending on which services you have booked you will need to create 2 Spotify playlists, one for your wedding meal and one for your evening.
To create and share a Spotify playlist you will need to

What are the timings for your live sets?

I aim to offer between 90 to 120 minutes of live music. This will be spread into 2 x 45 minute sets as standard which will be after the first dance and after a half hour break. I will usually finish my live sets between 8.30 and 9.30pm. 

On the part of the form talking about the first dance it says live or original. What does that mean?

It’s asking would you like me to sing the song live or would you like to have the original recording played through a sound system. Example, do you want me to sing Ho Hey live or would you prefer to have the DJ play the original version by the Lumineers?

We have a special request. Can you accommodate it?

Probably. Talk to me about what it is and we can work it out.

Will you sing our first dance?

Yes of course as long as I can reach the notes.

Will you host the first dance and cake cutting?

Yes, I or my DJ will host the entire evening for you.

What power do you need?

A minimum of two 13amp plug sockets located close to the place where we will set up.

How long do you need to set up?

About half an hour if it’s just me. If I have a DJ with me it can be up to one hour.

How much space do you need to set up?

About 3 meters by 3 meters if I have a DJ with me. Please talk to your venue about space as sometimes they can push the dance floor right up to the wall and we end up having to set up on it.


My​ ​wedding​ ​co-ordinator​ ​at​ ​the​ ​venue​ ​is​ ​asking​ ​for​ ​some​ ​kind​ ​of​ ​certificates​ ​of​ ​insurance.​ ​Do​ ​you have​ ​them?

This will be my proof of Public Liability Insurance and Portable Appliance Testing. They’re located in Google Drive. The link can be found in your email.


I​ ​have​ ​something​ ​to​ ​request​ ​that​ ​isn’t​ ​covered​ ​on​ ​here

Absolutely fine. There’s a space in the form below for you to put any extra information you want to let me know. Once you have filled in this form we will have a phone call to go through and confirm details.