Your wedding is coming up soon this year, and you want to make sure you have done everything that needs to be done promptly. A generic wedding checklist can help you, but there may be some tasks that may be unique to your situation. There are always little things that need to be done, but some of them slip through the cracks because you don’t remember, or you may not even realize they need to happen. Here are a few things you should make sure you add to your checklist.

Changing Your Name

If you plan on changing your name or even hyphenating your last name, you may want to research the process and put the changes in motion ahead of time. There is going to be so much going on after the wedding that you may wish to get a head start, especially if you need the changes in place by a certain date. Begin the changes on your stationery, business cards, personal checks, and other correspondence so you won’t be overwhelmed when you come back from your honeymoon.

Writing Your Vows

All officiants have generic vows that can be used, but you may want to write your own or edit one of the samples you are provided with. This may seem like a simple thing, but this isn’t something to put off until the last minute. You want your vows to be memorable and to express how you feel for your partner so that it may take a couple tries to get it right. Start this well in advance of your special day, so you aren’t panicking at the last minute. You may even want to set aside time with your partner to work on your vows together. They don’t need to know everything you are going to say, but you can work out the problems together, and get their advice, rather than everyone else’s.

Thank You Notes

You will have so many thank you notes to write after the wedding is over, so it is best to get some written ahead of time. You can start by writing the thank-you notes for the showers, luncheons, and bridal party before the wedding. You can even use a template if you aren’t sure what to say. If you don’t want to send them out before the wedding, you can set them aside to be mailed later. You should also make sure you have some of the supplies you need for your wedding thank you notes. Nothing is worse than scrambling to find the stamps you were so sure that you had.

Health Check-Ups

You want to be one hundred percent sure that there will be no serious health issues after the wedding, so you and your fiancé should make a point to get physicals and other tests. If you are traveling for your honeymoon, make sure your immunizations are up-to-date. Most physicians offer pre-marital physicals that cover everything you might need. If you have been sexually active before marriage, you should also be tested for STDs, even if you think you are clean. The tests are fairly quick and allow you to get treatment quickly for any problems you may have. It’s not something many people think about, but it is incredibly important to take care of before your wedding.

Being organized and well-prepared for your big day will assure a smooth and elegant ceremony and reception. You will be so much more relaxed and calm knowing that everything is in place for your new life together.