Keeping Bugs at Bay: Tips for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can be especially magical. When night falls and a crown of stars covers the skies overhead, or when that perfect sunset adds the most amazing touch to your ceremony. But what starts out as a romantic and special evening among family and friends can quickly turn uncomfortable once the bugs come out. One way to ensure your outdoor wedding is a success is to deal with the bug issue ahead of time. Here are three ways you can deal with bugs before you get to the “I do’s”.

Bug-Repelling Plants

If you have any kind of control over the landscaping at your venue, the first order of business should be to plant some different varieties that repel most bugs. These plants can either be planted in the ground or in large pots that you position around the wedding area. Rosemary, Peppermint, and lemongrass all repel insects. Chives get rid of other bugs, especially those  which can be problematic in damp climates. Flowers like allium, chrysanthemums, and marigolds are known to get rid of a few specific pests as well.

Have Some Indoor Options

Though most venues will be able to provide you with both indoor and outdoor options, others might not. If possible, be sure you have an indoor area to set up food in without worrying about outdoor pests. You can also reserve a small indoor section for guests who are sensitive to heat or cold, or for any musician’s instruments or DJ equipment that might be sensitive to the elements.

Natural Repellent Sprays

While chemical bug sprays are known for their effectiveness against mosquitoes, many people don’t want to smell like chemicals all night. For them, natural bug sprays can help. You can make a natural spray from citronella, geranium, and lemongrass oils to name a few. If you’re concerned about bugs at your outdoor wedding, make some of this natural bug repellent ahead of time and put it into little spray bottles. Package them up as wedding party favors and pass them around to guests to make them pretty and practical.

Outdoor Foggers and Bug Zappers

This measure is a little more dramatic, but in some instances, can be very necessary. Bug zappers will get rid of bugs like moths. Foggers take care of mosquitoes and other pests. If you must use these items, try to reserve them for the perimeter areas of the yard. They’ll be effective, but more so when away from the guests. You can also light repellent candles around the tables or up the walkway that will give off strong warnings to any bugs nearby.

Many insects and pests can ruin the mood at even the best outdoor weddings. Bugs tend to get into the food and in people’s hair and mosquitoes are always lurking around. If you’re preparing for an outdoor wedding, your best bet is to take care of this issue before it starts. The items on this list can get you started toward a bug-free wedding. If you’re very concerned about bugs, think about also renting tents or nets as part of the decor. Between all these preparations, your wedding should become a day that’s memorable for its content and not its uninvited guests.