You’ve probably seen those group wedding shots that come up on Instagram and seem absolutely perfect. The bride and groom in front, the whole party looking dapper and cohesive, while still showing off individual personalities. It seems like something from a magazine, but good group shots are possible. Do you know how to achieve them without too much effort? If you don’t, you’re not alone. Getting a good group picture is a skill that takes practice, but we have some advice to help you get started so your wedding day photos turn out wonderful.

Here are some of the best tips to help you get picture perfect wedding party photos with a big group:

Use the Right Lens

Lenses matter. The right lens keeps the people on the edges of the frame from blurring out. Practice taking a shot with one lens before switching to another. Compare the difference between the two and decide which is better. The right lens makes a world of difference when shooting a big group shot. Photography professionals can recommend the best options for your size group and venue and having a photographer on location can be an even better way to get the pictures you want.


Separation and Space

Keep your background and people from blending together. You want to create a nice separation between the setting and the individuals making up the photograph. To do this, you’ll want to adjust the aperture. F4.5 is what most professional photographers use with big parties. You’ll also want to keep in mind the colors used and what backgrounds you have available. Contrasting colors will stand out more, and having space to create the contrast will work wonders in keeping the photographs cohesive.


Get Creative

Use props to make the photos fun. A basket full of puppies, flower petals, or crazy socks can make a group shot fun, unique, and more personal. Think about how to include these details without taking away from the people in the photos. Remember, your wedding pictures are something people love to look at and cherish for years.


Choose a Center

Make the groom the focus. Make the Bride the focus. Use the couple together as your focal point. No matter what, the bride and groom are the most important people in the shot. If you let the groom be your focal point, with a great black silhouette you’re guaranteed great images every time. Go for a fixed focus shot and point it toward your center, even if it’s a prop or background piece. Even if the other people in the photo are somewhat blurred out, you’ll still have a photo worth showing the happy couple.


Lighting Leads

Let natural light be your guide. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting candid shots of the wedding singer or Uncle Bill cutting a rug on the dance floor, you need to find a source of natural light and let it guide your setting choices. This goes for indoor and outdoor photos. If artificial light is the only light available, you’ll adjust the camera to address it. Be sure to focus lenses around shadows and blurred movements.


Frame Options

Finding a photo framing service that will take large group shots and professionally mat and frame them is easy. Most cities have local businesses that offer such a service. If they don’t, craft stores such as Joann’s Fabric, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels offer framing at a cost.


Getting a big group together and getting everyone ready for a shot takes skill. That doesn’t mean that it can’t happen, though. By following the tips listed above, you’ll have the best group wedding photos money can buy!