What if my dance floor is empty?

One of the terrifying questions that can cross your mind when you are planning your wedding.  An empty dance floor can plague your waking and sleeping thoughts.

Though this isn’t necessarily always a worry for everyone, some people will fear this more than others. Some brides and grooms might not have any desire for a full dance floor.  

Even so, these ideas for planning your evening are helpful for everyone.

Plan your evening

Thing is, when you think of your evening, it can feel like a great expanse of time. A big space to fill. But in reality there are already a lot of events that will happen within your evening that will bring structure.

  • Meeting and greeting guests.
  • Cake cutting
  • First dance
  • Father and daughter dance, or dance with a significant person
  • Evening food.

Steven said all of the above usually takes until approximately 9pm. Your evening entertainer can help you to plan an exact structure with timings to suit your day.

The next bit of evening you can then fill with entertainment of your choice. Plan it well to suit you.

Sound Limiters

It is crucial to check whether your venue has a sound limiter. Pat and Steven have delivered a prior broadcast that addresses the issue of sound limiters. Some venues simply may not be able to meet your musical vision for the day with the space and restrictions that they have. They may be able to make adaptations for you, for example, host your wedding in a separate part of the building.  

Where is the bar?

The location of the bar is vitally important to your wedding evening. Ideally you want the bar to be in the same room as the dance floor. In that way people remain in the same room and are more likely to dance. If your venue has a bar in a separate room, don’t panic, you may be able to make adjustments. You may be able to hire a pop up bar of some kind to be in the same room. It is much more difficult to get a full dance floor if people regularly need to leave the room to get fresh drinks.

Dance. Dance. Dance

If you would like a full dance floor, then dance!  People on your wedding day will all want to talk to you and spend time with you. If you dance, they will join you!

I’ll leave you now to practice your dance moves!

Happy planning!