So last night was the first episode of our new show #WedChat Live. Steven and Pat discussed some of the complexities of deciding on your evening entertainment.

It seems that, for a lot of people, the obvious thing to do is to hire a DJ.  In fact a lot of venues will provide a DJ as part of the package. But is that the perfect solution for everyone?  Pat, despite actually being a DJ, insisted that it might not always be the best fit. The perfect evening entertainment really can be very different depending on the tastes and life journey of the bride and groom.  If the ibiza experience has been a significant part of your life, then absolutely celebrate your wedding with a DJ who can bang out the right tunes so you can bust some moves. But, if you have never been clubbing or rarely danced the night away, would this be a true reflection of you on your important day?  

So what options are available?  Actually. Lots! There are indie bands, acoustic guitarists, bongos, ceilidh bands and of course the singing waiters. The market is vast and you can truly tailor your day to make it perfect for you.

But what about Grannie Dorris?  Is it a good idea to make all of the entertainment with only the bride and groom in mind.  Well, it’s your choice. But it is nice to give a nod to people with other tastes so that they can enjoy the day too.  Don’t be afraid of sectioning your day. A musical professional can help you decide this, but you could always have a false end to the night.  Pat suggested, ending at 11pm with a big number and then partying hard with club mixes after, for those who really enjoy the ibiza type experience.

So how to find all these wonderful choices?  Facebook, of course, and Google. You could search agencies to find different people.  Also wedding fayres are a fabulous opportunity to see people live and get a feel for what they are like.  Read reviews. Pat suggested putting some detective skills into good use. If someone has left a review then check, through their timeline, that at the time of the wedding, they were wearing weddingy things. Apparently, and I did not realise this, there are fake reviews now. Fact checking is important. You could always ask to speak to someone for a recommendation.

Lastly, budget.  Steven assured everyone that the average UK spend on a wedding was £17,674.  Pat said that no one goes hope humming the centre pieces. Not that centre pieces aren’t important!  Pat and Steven both tried to reiterate that. We love a good centrepiece. Entertainment is really important and often the thing that is most talked about the next day.  It is usual to set 10% of your budget aside to use for entertainment.

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Happy Wedding planning!

Laura xxx