This is article number 2 in a series of blog posts I have created answering your most common questions about music on your wedding day.

Today I want to deal with one of the most common questions I am asked. Most couples ask me with a trembling voice “Do we have to pick your entire set list on the day of the wedding?” Why with a trembling voice? Because picking a full day of music for a musician to play is a totally intimidating task. I’ll give you the good news now, no you don’t. You don’t have to pick all of my songs. But how will I know what you want me to sing? Well stay with me and I’ll tell you the process by which I work.

The ceremony

The very least I will ask you for is your song for walking down the aisle. Even then, if you’re not sure what you want I have loads of ways of helping you pick out the right tune for you. These range from asking all the other couples who have booked me what they are having. Once you have booked my services you will put into a private facebook group with everyone else where you can access resources, watch me on facebook live and come to see me at gigs. I perform monthly on facebook live for my couples. You also have have access to my public gig diary and exclusive member only gigs so you can come and see me in person. All of this gives you an idea of the types of music you like to hear me play. If you still don’t know, don’t sweat it. I do this all the time so I know what works. I can pick something with you.

Make use of the private facebook group once you have booked my services

The drinks reception / wedding meal / evening

Drinks receptions and wedding meals tend to be chilled out affairs (although the odd meal can get quite raucous after a bit of dancing juice) while an evening can be much more upbeat. It’s a case of working with the “feel” of the room. I usually perform around 90 minutes during these times. That’s about 25 to 30 songs. You’ve got enough to worry about without having to think about what you’d like me to sing. Likewise it’s not necessarily productive or helpful for me to have a specific set given to me. I may find it just doesn’t work with the room. Instead I work on who is in the room, how old are they, who are the loud people, what are they drinking, do they seem up for a dance? All these questions inform what songs I will play at the time.

What’s the sweet spot?

Between having a rigid set list and being left to my own devices I find the “sweet spot” to be a couple that give me an idea of the kinds of things they like to listen to. You’ll get that from watching me on facebook live, watching my videos on my website and by looking at my set list. From there I find it useful if couples give me a list of a number of songs they like and I will take the rest from there. After all, the last thing you need is to be picking every single song and the order in which they are to be played when you’re worrying about the fact that Aunt Ethel hasn’t RSVPd yet or that your cousin wants to bring her boyfriend who she’s only been dating for a week.

Image credit: Sansom Photography 2015