Tina and Gareth (who shall hitherto be referred to by his chosen name: Ginner) booked me back in October 2015. They came to see me at The Great Victoria Wedding Fair in Bradford after their friend had considered booking me for her wedding. Unfortunately (for me!) she decided to get married abroad so got in touch with Tina to convince her to book me for hers and Ginner’s wedding. I’m very grateful that it worked because they booked me as their wedding singer and guitarist for my full day package. I was there from Ceremony right to the death at 1am.

They were married on 27th August at Gomersal Park Hotel in Cleckheaton just on the border of Bradford which is about 10 miles away from where I live. It’s a big place and was hosting two weddings that day. The grounds are big enough that the two parties never met. The venue is surrounded by lush greenery with Massimo restaurant attached. It’s an ideal place for picturesque photography which is why, after the ceremony, Tina and Ginner sped off down the gardens to have a few shots amongst the overhanging trees. I played through their ceremony and went outside during the drinks reception where I just got into my first song before the heavens opened and we all had to rush inside again. Ironic really since having got up in the morning it looked like it was going to be scorcher yet it turned out to be one of the most miserable and damp days of August. It didn’t put the bride and groom off though. They and their guests were in high spirits from the get go. I could see this was going to be a massive day and night.

I played through the drinks reception in the restaurant sat down with my small battery powered amp and guitar. I love the flexibility of my setup being able to quickly move inside to outside or vice versa depending how the weather calls for it.

The breakfast is where I take my break and where one of the bridal party had organised a surprise for the bride and groom in the form of singing waiters. When I arrived back for the evening the music was blasting and the entire wedding party were up dancing to the sounds of the waiters. This evening was a first for me as I had a drummer with me to form a duo, a new service I am now offering. Craig is only 17 but he is a fantastic percussionist joining me on the cajon. Two live sets later and we’d seen guests dancing, singing with me on the mic and a random taxi driver who came into the stage area to first ask me to put a call out for Colin then stayed there to ask if I could play some good music. Turned out he was at the wrong wedding as well. You see a lot when you do weddings but that was one of my favourite moments.

We rocked the party until 1am. The crowd were a rowdy bunch but in that livin’ it large feel. Congratulations to Tina and Gareth, a very short video is below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghQc-keD8jc]