The Yorkshire / Lancashire debate has raged for many centuries since the days of England’s brutal civil war. Am I red? Am I white? Actually I’m from the North East originally so I haven’t grown up with the War of Roses mentality in me. So as I travelled to Tammy and Stuart’s wedding in Todmorden this weekend I was pondering the emotive issue of red vs white.

Wedding Singer Todmorden

Todmorden Unitarian Church
Todmorden Unitarian Church

Having arrived at the magificent, Grade 1 listed Todmorden Unitarian Church, I set up and sang the bride down the aisle to Jason Mraz’s Lucky before joining them outdoors for the drinks reception. This, I felt, was a good time to ask where Todmorden lay in the hearts of the people who live there. “Don’t go there.” was the general answer I got. “Don’t say I’m from Lancashire,” came another comment in a semi-broad Lancashire accent. It’s strange isn’t it? I suddenly realised that suggesting someone from Todmorden may be from Lancashire is like telling me, from Middlesbrough, that I’m from Newcastle.

Acoustic Guitarist Hire, Todmorden

Steven Heath singing at the drinks reception

So a little history. Todmorden lies directly on the Yorkshire / Lancashire border. I was informed by one of the guests that the town hall straddles the very border with statues on the top, wool workers on one side representing the Yorkshire industrial trade and cotton workers representing the Lancashire trade. Fascinating. So here I was in the valley of…Yorkshire. That’s right, most people consider themselves Yorkshire folk in this beautiful picturesque town.

A Bespoke Wedding

Tammy and Stuart approached me earlier in the year to be their wedding singer in Yorkshire, hiring my full days services from the ceremony to the final dance. They held their reception at The Fielding Centre, a community hall close to where they lived. Tammy had put an incredible amount of work into her wedding.

Wedding Car Hire, Yorkshire

She and Stuart had decided to do everything themselves. I LOVE DIY weddings, mainly because of the unpredictability of them. You never know what is going to happen and they really provide something different to the traditional structure of a hotel wedding. I was able to help them structure the day by hosting it for them and making sure the proceedings moved along smoothly.

Tammy looked incredible in her dress and was such an organised but chilled out bride. The party got into full swing in the evening beginning with the bride and groom dancing to my rendition of Say You Won’t Let Go, a recording of which is on the video below.

A Full Dance Floor At A Yorkshire Wedding

The children partied harder than the adults at this wedding. They went long into the night with some great moves on display. I was lucky enough to get a few guests on camera giving me positive testimonials too. You can check these out in the highlight reel below. Thank you to Tammy and Stuart for hiring me as their wedding singer in Yorkshire

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Photography: Dave Croft Photography

Mobile Bar Hire and Catering: Foras Bar Ltd

Venue: The Fielding Centre

Ceremony venue: Todmorden Unitarian Church