I began performing at a young age and on my 12th birthday I got my first proper guitar (if you don’t count a broken ukulele and a Disney Mickey Mouse guitar I got when I was 5). I learned a few chords and my passion grew.

Over the years I acquired a taste for performing in front of live audiences so I took a degree in Performing Arts with a specialism in Drama. Since then I’ve managed full scale theatre productions as well as worked with children and their families in a school community to bring about exceptional productions.

Why become an acoustic wedding guitarist?

In 2011 a family friend asked me if I’d like to sing at his daughter’s wedding. Never being one to pass up the opportunity to perform I said yes. By the end of the day people were approaching me in droves asking if I did it professionally. More importantly however was the fact that the bride and groom came to me, close to tears, so grateful that I had provided excellent music for their day. I loved the thrill of having made so many people happy. Not just that but I got to do it through something that I loved doing. It was simple maths. I love music + I love making people happy through music = I should be singing at weddings. From there it snowballed and I’ve now provided music for over 300 weddings over the past 6 years and still love the thrill of making a couples’ day move from the ordinary to the extra ordinary.

I love music

Over the years I’ve acquired a range of loves when it comes to music. I grew up listening to Cliff Richard and The Bachelors, my mum and dad’s favourites (I’ll let you guess which). As I grew my tastes broadened and I spent my school days growing up under the banner of Britpop and the rivalry between Oasis and Blur. In the thick of this sound revolution were some amazing bands like Space, Catatonia and Stereophonics. I made my way into the folk scene as a young man as wonderful poets like Paul Simon and Bob Dylan found themselves in my CD collection. All the while I spent so much time around popular music that it made its way into my repetoire. The point is I have a love a huge range of music and I want to bring that diverse range of songs to your wedding so that every one of your guests young and old will know something I play and be entertained by it. Have a look at my set list to see the kinds of music I play.

Do you want to know more? Then I want to speak to you. Reach out to me on my contact page.

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