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Mr and Mrs Swales were married at The Triton Inn near Hull. They hired me as their wedding singer in Hull to provide their evening entertainment at their bespoke rustic style wedding.

I first met Matthew and Rebecca at a wedding fair in Leeds. I was singing for attendees as they approached me to ask about what kind of packages I offer. They explained they were massive fans of Ed Sheeran and Thinking Out Loud was their first dance. Ed Sheeran is one of my biggest influences, I use a loop pedal system on an evening to get people up dancing. This means I build up layers of tracks using my guitar and voice giving a full band effect which encourages people to get on to the dance floor.

I explained this to Matthew and Rebecca and after walking around the fair a little more they stood and listened before coming to tell me that they definitely wanted to go ahead and hire me. We worked out the details and I put them in my diary.

Around 6 weeks before the event they had built a playlist for the DJ portion of the evening and we chatted through the style of music they enjoyed for the evening. They stressed that they were quite keen to make live music more of the focus.

I arrived at the venue on the day and found that, as with many weddings, there was a huge demographic of guests but perhaps more so at this wedding featuring some of the much older generation. The first two sets were fairly downbeat with people listening to the music before it was time to say goodbye to some of the older guests. After this in the final set the dance floor rammed and the dancing was endless. As is the case with many weddings I slightly extended my final set as people were enjoying the music so much.

Below is the highlight reel showing how an evening entertainment package can look for you at your wedding.

The photographs in this feature were provided and are copyrighted by Luke Holroyd Photography, Leeds