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Lauren and Jon’s wedding was a special one for me. Back in the early days of my teaching career Lauren was one of my students. In fact she was one of my outstanding GCSE Drama students so I was delighted when she and her fiance Jon approached me to be their wedding singer in Yorkshire at The Old Barn in Esholt. This is a venue where I am a recommended supplier so I have sung at a number of weddings there.

Initially they had planned to use me for just the evening but as time went on they decided to have me entertain their guests in the afternoon. It was an August wedding and The Old Barn has a lawned area outside next to a driving range, a perfect place to set up for outdoors drinks receptions. I did that before we all had to rush inside when the heavens opened.

The Old Barn has an area upstairs for around 80 people which can then hold 120 in the evening. There is also the option of moving downstairs into a bar with a seated area. This can make audience retention difficult when the bar is elsewhere so it is important not to have the music too loud at the beginning of the evening so people walk away and don’t come back. Generally speaking however the crowd tends to separate into those who want to dance and those who want to chat. This worked out very well at Lauren and Jon’s wedding and as the evening went on they danced the night away together as I provided additional signing services because the crowd were having such a good time.

Lauren and Jon contacted me after the wedding to thank me for my services telling me that my talent was unbelievable and saying they had not danced so much together in their 9 years.

Photo credits go to Sansom Photography which, in my opinion, are amongst the absolute highest quality images I have ever seen at a wedding. Utterly stunning.