Read Chris and Chelle’s stellar review of my services where they outline 5 solid reasons you should book Steven Heath as your wedding entertainer.

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I was privileged enough to be chosen by the wonderful Chris and Chelle for their wedding at The Gamekeeper’s Inn in Skipton on 31st August 2019. I provided them with all day entertainment. After the wedding they left me one of the best reviews I’ve ever received. The interesting thing about this wedding is it was one of only a handful of occasions in the nearly 10 years I have been doing this where I got a detail about the location of the wedding incorrect. The grace they show in this review melted my heart because they were so astounded by my services that my mistake was insignificant compared to the experience they felt I had provided them from the moment they booked.

All photos unless otherwise stated courtesy of Chris Milner Photography

Over to Chris and Chelle…

We first saw Steven at East Riddlesden Hall at a wedding fayre. My wife-to be at that point fell in love with the sound he was producing just from one man and a guitar. I was a bit sceptical that we could have a man she was swooning over at our wedding – but nevertheless we made our enquiries, and booked him within a week or two.

I can say now, almost 2 years since we made that booking, it’s one of the best decisions and some of the best money we have ever spent. So here’s our review, in the form of 5 solid reasons why you should not hesitate to book him for your own wedding:


I’ve never known a wedding supplier provide so much interaction for future couples before the event. I’m talking private facebook groups, live streaming jam / request sessions, live streamed Q&A sessions, local gigs… some people you see once beforehand and once on your wedding day, with Steven, there’s an opportunity to get to know him beforehand. So much so he ends up almost as just another guest at the wedding, albeit a musically talented one who happens to have the responsibility of starting the party!


He’s won awards. Genuine wedding related awards. With good reason. And you can feel a little bit smug knowing you have an award-winning guitarist singing you down the aisle or playing your reception. 😏


Really talented. We asked him to learn 2 songs for us, and they were both absolutely perfect. He’s even got a loop pedal like that rich ginger bloke off the TV. [Editorial note: No idea who he’s talking about…]


He’ll get your party going. If you’re wanting a proper good old sing-a-long at your wedding, get Steven and it’s guaranteed to happen. He’s funny, he’s personable, he’s interactive and your guests will warm to him as they did with us – even when he was giving our token Scottish bloke stick about his kilt! Steven loves his job, loves entertaining people, thrives off it and it shows. His ability to switch between romantic acoustic songs in the church to whipping out his electric guitar at the reception to get the dance floor full was awesome!


Last but not least – and arguably most importantly – we can fully confirm this man will not let you down. After seemingly going through a bit of a difficult time outside of doing what he enjoys the most in the run up to our day, we had a minor geography / communication based mishap with Steven on the morning of the wedding. Now the reason I’m mentioning this is to completely reassure anyone, that this was 100% not the norm. Steven was one of the suppliers we had the most faith in to turn up, on time, right place and ready to go. We’d seen him a couple of times at different places and he was always super professional, he was very responsive to our emails and thousands of questions etc. We forget these people aren’t just musicians, magicians etc – they have normal lives outside of their professions, as we all do.. Something did go a little wonky for Steve that morning, but it in no way went wrong for us. He turned up at the church, threw his gear together and put on a beautiful rendition of the songs we requested, before entertaining our guests back up at the reception venue for hours to come. Everyone – and I genuinely mean everyone – at our wedding has mentioned Steven as a highlight – they’ve asked who he was, where we found him, and waxed lyrical about his performances especially during the meal and reception when his personality could shine through. He really was a massive part of our wedding and made our day, gave us some funny stories, and I guarantee he’ll absolutely make yours too. This man does what he loves, and we love what he does.

Cheers Steven, you made our day and made yourself 2 extra fans for life.