Client FAQ hub

Below are some FAQs clients have before planning their wedding. This page is designed to help you fill out your form. I encourage you to read it carefully before filling your form in


How many songs do we pick for the ceremony?

The only song I need​ ​are your song for walking up the aisle (the processional). Everything else you can leave to me as I know what works. If you do want to choose songs for the section as guests are arriving and during the signing of the register I’ve left a space for you to do that on the form.

Will you have a sound system?

Most rooms are adequate for me to just use my guitar. If a room needs a small sound system I can bring one in, it just means I’ll have a bit more to set up when it comes to the other parts of the day.

We’ve booked you for the ceremony but we don’t know what song to choose.

The three most common ceremony songs I am asked to play are:

  1. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
  2. Perfect – Ed Sheeran
  3. The One – Kodaline

You can also ask people in our facebook community what songs they chose / are thinking of choosing.


What do you do during the drinks reception?

It depends on a few things. If your ceremony is in the same room as your meal it means I will have to set up for your meal during the drinks reception. If your ceremony is in a different room I will set up for your meal before the ceremony begins. In those cases I will spend some time outside with your guests singing unplugged in small groups.

Will you have a sound system?

Not usually. I wander around with my guitar and talk to people, get to know them and sing songs with them.

Where will you stand / sit?

Anywhere that’s available.


What will you sing during the meal?

Whatever is appropriate and whatever guests request through my guest request system.

Will we be able to hear each other talking?

Absolutely. It is my aim to be loud enough to be heard but quiet enough for people to be able to hold a conversation.

Would you like a meal?

Thanks for the offer but due to health reasons I will bring my own food. I would like drinks though.

What happens when you’re not singing?

Most meals are short enough for me to do the set right through but if I do take a break I will play music through my sound system or arrange for the venue to put some music on.

Will you introduce the speecehs.

Yes, and you can use my microphone.


We’ve hired a DJ through you, will they be in touch?

Yes. I don’t book out DJs directly. I send your details to them so you should have already have a conversation with them about your wedding day at some point. If not just contact them directly.

What time will you arrive?

90 minutes before I am due to start.

We don’t have a DJ and are having your playlist service in between and after the live sets. How many songs should we choose?

You don’t have to choose any if you don’t want to. I have standard playlists that work well on an evening. If you want to make your playlist then a good guide is 25 songs per hour of music to fill. If you have hired my equipment to play music through in the evening you will need around 3 hours of music (assuming you finish at 12am). So 3 x 25 = 75 songs. You can do more, you can do less, it’s up to you.

What songs should I choose?

Again, it’s up to you. Remember that weddings are diverse affairs so maybe try to choose a little something for everyone.

How do we make a Spotify playlist?

If you have hired my equipment for the evening I work with Spotify playlists. This allows you to create a playlist and share it with me so I can download it to my computer.

To create and share a Spotify playlist you will need to

  1. Create a Spotify playlist
  2. Make the playlist public
  3. Make it collaborative (so I can edit it as well)
  4. Share your playlist link with me


Do I have to use Spotify?

Yes please. It just keeps things consistent. You don’t need a premium account to create and share playlists. The only thing premium does is remove the adverts.

Do we pick the songs for your live sets?

No. You can indicate a few songs you like on the form but I generally don’t work with playlists. That’s because I read the room and go off what people are enjoying. I prefer the flexibility.

What are the timings for your live sets?

It depends on what vibe you’re trying to create, whether you have a DJ and a few other things. We will tailor it to you at the time.

How much power do you need?

A minimum of two 13amp plug sockets located close to the place where we will set up.

How long do you need to set up?

1 hour

How much space do you need?

About 3 meters by 3 meters if I have a DJ with me. Please talk to your venue about space as sometimes they can push the dance floor right up to the wall and we end up having to set up on it.