This week on #WedChat Live we discussed the difference between civil ceremonies and religious ceremonies. The type of ceremony you choose will affect the type of music that you can have during the ceremony. 

Civil Ceremony

A civil ceremony is the legal profession of your commitment.  No religious content is allowed. There are songs in popular culture that are not intended to be religious but are still disallowed because they may be percieved to have religious undertones. 

The structure of a civil ceremony is usually very simple. 

  • The guests arrive
  • Bride walks down the aisle
  • Promises are made
  • Might be a poem read
  • Register is signed
  • Walk back up the aisle

This usually takes about 30 minutes

Church Ceremony

A church ceremony is different because there is added religious content such as hymns, a reading and possibly a sermon. 

The types of music chosen at religious ceremonies can often depend on the church leader. Some churches may specify organ only whereas others may be a lot more relaxed and allow lots of different types of music. 

Most importantly, choose music that reflects you and is important to your life. This is your day, after all. 

Happy Planning